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"To wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect ― Jane Austen"


Other Bushlarkers has to be the first, but here are some more reasons for you to use Bushlark

Ask local questions

Ask questions for a location and bushlark will deliver to local experts who can answer.

Answer questions

Know about your locality? Help others in need. Nothing can be better than this.

Check in

See something interesting around you? Check-in and share with other users.

Explore local locations

Explore your favorite locations to check check-in,questions, leaders, events and more

Become local leader

More you contribute to the platfrom more relevant it will become for you. Also in the process you will earn coins, cool badges and become local topic expert.

You have control

Control what you want to get and when from settings. Follow,unfollow, block whatever you want to.

Happy Users Says...

"We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve. – Bill Gates"

“Local information at your fingertips! This is a very helpful app in knowing the best about your interests at some location from the locals living there itself. This way one can get the best information of interest.”

Krushna GaurkarIndia

“Go bushlark! Was helpful in my relocation,location experts helped me find shops, doctors, pet boarding houses, eateries etc.”

Swapnil GuptaIndia

“This app is very helpful I was searching for restaurants that deliver late in the night. I posted a query which was promptly answered by other users. Very helpful in getting real time information.”

Saalim AslamIndia

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